Natural stone worktops

Natural stone worktops

From the hearth to the centre of the home

Natural stone is a unique, extremely resistant material that gives a kitchen an unmistakable look. Every worktop is unique: no two are alike. At DIE KÜCHENPLANER habicht + sporer, you’ll find a wide selection of the most beautiful types of natural stone – in the best quality and workmanship.

For thousands of years, this fascinating material has been part of the cultural development of the human race. Natural stone, such as granite, has outstanding properties for use in the home: it’s hard, extremely resistant and comes in all kinds of colours and nuances. We use only the best pieces for the production of natural stone worktops.

A natural stone worktop is not only extremely robust and long-lasting, but also resistant to a wide range of influences in the kitchen. Even heat and mechanical influences can’t harm it easily. Moreover, natural stone is hygienic and compatible with all foods.

In addition to the choice of colours, polished, satin and flamed surfaces create plenty of scope for creative planning ideas and add a highlight to any kitchen. We’ll be happy to assist you with our decades of experience in choosing the right stone for you.

DIE KÜCHENPLANER habicht + sporer will install the natural stone worktop along with the kitchen installation – on the very same day.