Two generations. One passion

Your customised kitchen

More than 45 years ago, our family business started with a small kitchen studio in Roth bei Nürnberg. After decades of being part of a franchise company, today we are once again fully committed to what has always distinguished habicht + sporer: Planning and building customised kitchens that fully meet the wishes and requirements of our customers.



The founding of habicht + sporer in Roth under the company name “Die zeitgemäße Küche”.


The company’s founders, Norbert Habicht and Horst Sporer, develop the most successful kitchen franchise in Germany: “PLANA Küchenland” with over 40 kitchen studios – a role model and benchmark for the entire industry in terms of brand, product policy and sales.


Sale of the “PLANA Küchenland” brand rights to a Dutch group.


With the upcoming generation change, habicht + sporer separates from the franchise system, returns to its roots as a family business and starts afresh with the brand DIE KÜCHENPLANER habicht + sporer. With three kitchen studios and a showroom, the company is one of the largest kitchen specialists in the Nuremberg region.


Award for kitchen specialist of the year.


The new kitchen studio opens in Hirschaid in February.

Impressions from over 45 years of habicht + sporer

Our philosophy

We love kitchens – now for over 45 years. With every kitchen that we plan and create for our customers, we pursue one and the same goal: to inspire our customers, whom we view as partners. And to share our love for kitchens with them.